Uberflip Expert Services (UES)
Training & Education

Continued education on marketing tactics and methodologies that support organizational goals and processes

Technical Configuration

Guidance and assistance building a sound content experience foundation and campaign construction

Strategic Planning

Support overall marketing strategy to drive pipeline and increase content engagement

My name is Steph Totty and I run the Expert Services program here at Uberflip.

As a long-time Uberflip customer (and now Uberflipper myself), I understand the challenges facing marketers on a day-to-day basis. UES is here to partner with your team to help achieve the goals your organization is working towards, find solutions to the obstacles your team is faced with, and help guide you through the processes needed to achieve those goals.

I would love to chat with you about how UES can help support your organization in whatever endeavor you’re working towards.

Steph Totty Director of Marketing Strategy, Uberflip
Stephanie Totty headshot

Getting Started With Expert Services